Our in-house team contacts thousands of business each week through direct marketing methods. The main method we use is email marketing, but we are frequently testing other lead generation methods as well such as cold calling and social media marketing. We market the benefits of Web Design and SEO to business owners and “break the ice” for your company by making the initial contacts.  When a prospect responds to us with an indication of interest then that becomes a lead.

Every lead includes a prospect name, email, phone number (if applicable), website (if applicable) and additional notes regarding their service requests.

Every lead we sell has shown an interest in website design, Apps Development, Digital Marketing and SEO services.  We use separate campaigns to generate those two lead types.  Our prospects are typically business owners who understand the benefits of internet marketing/web design and the benefits it can bring their organization.  We offer only exclusive leads (only given to 1 company).  All of our leads are fresh, meaning we have been in contact with the prospect less than 48 hours prior to providing them to you.


Yes, we guarantee that all of our leads are fresh, and the information provided is accurate. If you find this not to be the case we will replace your leads free of charge.

When it comes to generating quality leads, our team does its best. We have built a group of professional marketers and prophets who specialize in creating leads for companies in the United States and other countries. Our in-house team has developed impeccable ways to approach businesses across the country, educate them with the benefits of Internet marketing, and turn them into paying customers. We contact thousands of businesses each week, allowing website design and SEO companies to turn into paying customers. We understand how important it is to convert, which is why we communicate directly with each of our leads to ensure their interest in purchasing website design and SEO services. We know that we have the best leads in the industry, and our customers know it too.

We target both small and medium sized businesses in a wide variety of industries. Some examples of the types of “local” businesses we target include contractors, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, landscapers, electricians, auto mechanics, and salons.  There are many “national” businesses that we target as well such as manufacturers, e-commerce sites, software companies, finance companies, etc…  The typical breakdown of company sizes from our leads is as follows:  1/3 of the leads have between 1-5 employees, 1/3 have between 5-15 employees, and 1/3 have over 15 employees.  So basically, 2/3rds of our leads are companies that are smaller companies.

Many other lead generation companies will “fluff” the numbers a little when they are trying to sell you when they buy their leads. We do not do this. Here are the real numbers:

The conversion rate is around 10% with exclusive Web Design and SEO. Our top selling clients that consistently sell up to 20%, but this is very difficult to do.

The conversion rate of our shared leads is usually between 3-5%.

The average website we build from our leads is between $ 1000 to $ 1500. Most of those sites are basic template-based WordPress sites.

The average SEO agreement is $ 300- $ 400 per month.

These are average, but we have all the board customers from low to high. Some of our clients will not take on any web development project under $ 5,000, or any monthly SEO agreement under $ 1,500 / mo and they still do well with our leadership, even if they are our average Do not convert as customers to a high percentage.

This depends on 2 things:  1. What lead package you signed up for (we have multiple different packages), and 2. How many leads we are able to generate in that day/week.  Lead generation is very hard work and can be unpredictable.  We have big days and small days, big weeks and small weeks.  When we have big weeks, you will receive your maximum amount of leads, but when we have small weeks it can be much less.   The number of leads you receive each day or week will fluctuate with our lead flow. 


Absolutely. Simply note the amount of leads you’d like to receive each week when checking out, and we’ll be happy to accommodate your request

We have a variety of different lead types and prices to fit every budget. 

You can order online via email info@salesmotos.com .  You will typically get your first lead(s) within 24 hours of placing your order

Absolutely not.  We don’t charge anything other than the price-per-lead displayed.

No, not at all.  You are free to cancel any time.   If you cancel, we will continue to send you leads until your remaining lead credits are gone, but you won’t be rebilled

Yes.  We frequently have clients that get overwhelmed with too many projects and have to take a break from sales for a period of time in order to catch up.  We’re happy to pause your Campaign at any time.

We do get bad leads from time to time.  Leads can be returned within 30 days of receipt by sending an email to info@salesmotos.com explaining why the lead is a bad lead. Sales Motos.com does not offer refunds but will replace any bad leads with good leads.  Bad leads are defined as leads that have incorrect information, such as an incorrect phone number or email address.

Inaccurate phone number

Inaccurate email address (email bounces)

Lead claims they don’t know what you’re talking about

Lead just wanted to complain that we sent them an email and wants to be removed from our list.

Lead is a competitor, not a potential client

There are many reasons why a lead may not be a good lead for you, but is not necessarily a bad lead that can be returned.  Here are a few reasons that leads cannot be returned:


Lead doesn’t have enough money to become your client

Lead changes their mind about being interested